Our philosophy

Our clients tell us we are very different from other Financial Advisers. Part of what makes us different is our focus on your goals and objectives.

What makes us different?

Our client driven ethos permeates the company. We work as a team and so not only do you have the expertise and care of your Financial Adviser, you will also have a team of caring and knowledgeable individuals working behind the scenes to help you achieve your aims.

We are very accessible. You can come to our offices or we can visit you. Sometimes the latter is preferable so that we can better understand first hand the issues which concern you. We also try to make best use of the telephone and email to stay in touch throughout the year. We want to be available when you need us.

Our investment philosophy

In the world of investment, one size definitely does not fit all.  Neither does one's circumstances stay the same and so we ensure that our successful investment strategy incorporates a constant and robust investment process.

We use asset allocation to drive long term investment returns, regularly reviewing the fund selection to add value over the long term.

Your portfolio is diversified using uncorrelated assets to reduce risk and volatility.

We continually ensure that your investment portfolio fits your attitude to investment risk and your stated objectives.

Chris Leach pictured with Martyn Bulman and Anthony Heather, discussing investment strategy

We think value is important.

In our opinion it is essential to make things clear about the value that has been added to your current financial situation when providing you with a financial plan or tactical advice.

Taking time

We believe in taking the time to reflect on your position, so we will never produce lower quality advice for you simply to save time.

You will always receive well thought out advice because we spend the time focusing on your individual needs.

What we do (and don't do)

  1. We provide client focused bespoke financial planning.
    We will not provide advice unless we really understand your current position, what you would like to achieve and all your requirements.
  2. Our reports and letters are carefully crafted to be readable and, more importantly, interesting.
    Although an easier option, we do not provide standardised letters just to meet our compliance responsibilities.
  3. We do not advise on just one area of your financial planning. The real value in what we do comes from the interaction between the different areas and the development of a long term financial plan.
    We do not promote products before advice.
  4. We partner with other professionals such as solicitors and accountants to help provide seamless and integrated advice.
    We will not offer advice unless it is within our area of expertise.





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